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Twan and Michelle Obama building a playground

Read all about Antawn's A Better Tomorrow Campaign and Partnership with KaBOOM!

In 2002, Antawn launched his “A Better Tomorrow” community relations initiative as a means to execute service projects to strengthen his relationships within his community and provide assistance to those less fortunate during the holidays, when help is most needed. Antawn wanted his social projects to show the underprivileged his desire to provide them with “A Better Tomorrow,” one that gave them hope for the future.

Antawn’s “A Better Tomorrow” initiative is comprised of the following annual projects that Antawn executes each year: Thanksgiving with the Tar Heels, Shoes for the Uptown Shelter, The Christmas Explorer’s Project, March Madness, The Antawn C. Jamison Scholarship and Antawn’s All-Star Basketball Camp. 

Antawn and national non-profit KaBOOM! have announced a new partnership to encourage and promote play among children across the country.

KaBOOM!, an organization that empowers communities to build playgrounds, teamed with Jamison in September of 2008 to sponsor a playground build in Shreveport, LA (where he was born and lived before moving to Charlotte). Additionally, Jamison serves as a KaBOOM! All-Star Playmaker – an extension of the Playmaker Network consisting of national leaders and celebrities who take action for play on behalf of KaBOOM!, while promoting the importance of play.

Jamison participated alongside hundreds of volunteers to build a KaBOOM! playground in just one day in New Orleans on Feb. 15 at the Mahalia Jackson Early Childhood and Family Learning Center in conjunction with the 2008 NBA All-Star Game. Inspired by the massive community involvement and the tangible result of a playground that will serve thousands of children, Jamison contacted KaBOOM! to facilitate building a playground in his childhood home of Shreveport.

“Encouraging children to play by building playgrounds is important to me because it not only allows a kid to be a kid, but it also helps bring entire communities together,” Jamison said.“Those are two of my biggest charitable goals. It seems that television and video games are making so many children grow up too quickly these days. Playing video games is fun but playing outside and interacting with other kids is where friendships are built and dreams are created.” 

The playground that was built in Shreveport was designed based on drawings submitted by children from the area at a Design Day event held prior to the build. A locally formed playground planning committee worked closely with Antawn and a local partner to prepare for the build, which took place in just one day through the efforts of Antawn, a Shreveport-based organization, KaBOOM! and volunteers from the local community. 

“Helping out with the build in New Orleans was one of my most memorable experiences during All-Star Weekend,” Jamison said. “I didn’t realize how much hard work goes into building a playground. It was very inspirational to see all those community members and volunteers working together to provide a place where kids can play and feel safe. There’s nothing like physically helping to build a playground for kids. I’m looking forward to the next build so I can step in and get my hands dirty. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Jamison also participated in a KaBOOM! playground build with KOOL-AID in southeastern Washington, D.C. less than three weeks after his build in Louisiana! 

On July 11, 2009, Antawn built a playground at the Simmons YMCA in Charlotte, NC in conjunction with his All-Star Basketball camp.

On June 15, 2011, Antawn participated in KaBOOM!'s 2000th build, which was also named the Congressional Day of Service Event of 2011. The build was held in Washington, DC and Twan helped build the playground along side First Lady Michelle Obama!

Read more about Antawn's A Better Tomorrow Campain in the next section!

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