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Twan's Mental Health Campaign


Antawn speaking with senior cheerleader, Sieway Hunt

On Tuesday, February 28th Antawn visited his alma mater, UNC Chapel Hill to attend and speak at a student-athlete TedTalk about mental health. Antawn's outreach within the community continues to grow, as he shares his perspective on what is truly behind the curtain of success and the struggles of upholding the expectations of an athlete. 

Twan's biggest crossroad when leaving Chapel Hill was choosing between his education and his career. 

"The promise I made to my parents was that I was going to graduate from college. But I was also in a situation where I can create generational wealth." - Twan

TedTalk Recap

The TedTalk amplified Black student-athlete perspectives in honor of Black History Month in February. Student-athletes shared their diverse thoughts on overcoming their struggles, such as injuries, diabetes, eating disorders, and family challenges.  

Video courtesy of Elizabeth Scotty

The Student Perspective


Twan poses with student-athlete TedTalk speakers 

"Athletes are often taught to push through pain, both physical and emotional, to succeed. As a student-athlete, the pressure to perform at the highest level in both academics and sports can be overwhelming.For that reason, it's important to recognize that mental health is just as important as physical health."


- Julia Dorsey, UNC Women's Soccer

"In previous generations, coaches and parents would instill the idea of needing to “suck it up” and “push through” adversity, including mental health issues. This was reflective of society’s views. Athletes were referred to as warriors, and combatants, as many “soldiered” on through both physical and mental challenges. Athletes influenced culture and influenced fans to not quit and that true success comes to those who push forward. However, this approach has led to an unhealthy view of mental health." 

-Elizabeth Scotty, UNC Women's Tennis

Article and photos courtesy of Taylin Cain

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